motorbike art

Pleasant photos of motorcycles with their proud owners is something anyone can do, says the artist Jürgen Nielsen. Instead, it is much more fulfilling he thinks, to have oneself portrayed  on canvas with ones favorite vehicle.  Just as years ago proud horse owners had themselves painted with their spirited four-legged friend, today the modern bikers can be immortalized on their Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, BMW or Ducati.  It is with an  astonishing competence that Jürgen Nielsen manages to capture the likeness of  the “steel horses” and their owners. For this reason Nielsen has been quoted in the journal “street magazine” as a “canvas hero”. Apart from a passion for a detailed drawing is his appealing abundance of joyful colors. The results of his work, painted mostly with oil on canvas, are not only an assembly of portraits but also pictures of the motorcycle world  in general. These paintings are a reflection of a joy in technology and mobility. The diverse exhibitions of Jürgen Nielsen consist of shows at the America Center in Hamburg, for example, various bank and insurance buildings, club houses and private homes. A small selection of his work is viewable in the “gallery”. Why not have a portrait of yourself painted on your favorite vehicle? It is possible to arrange a personal meeting or contact the artist by Email: